Ways we could help – our support services


We offer support to anyone affected by the sudden and unexpected death of an infant, no matter where they are in Scotland – there is no set structure, fixed service, or timescale to the services we provide.

Our services can include, but is not limited to: Outreach support, counselling, and befriending. Support can usually begin with contact with the charity. We then discuss what we can offer to provide support best suited to personal circumstances.

Our outreach support workers have a background  in bereavement counselling. Their role with the charity is to provide support, practical advice and information to help you in different aspects of your bereavement. Typically, if a family contacts us we may arrange contact with the support worker in their area. This initial contact may be over the phone or with a visit to your home.

We also offer befriending and online peer support. We can arrange for individuals to get access to private social media groups where families with shared experiences can talk to each other. Some people find this a good starting point, but some may prefer to speak with a someone face-to-face before accessing this online service.

We offer support and advice to anyone affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a child – for example, we speak to a lot of grandparents and we look to offer support specific to them. We also offer support to the siblings with a variety of services and resources available for younger members of the family. We also have information and advice for professionals and wider family, friends and communities of bereaved families.

Our website provides more details about what we do as a charity and what we can offer. Please have a look at our support pages.

Alternatively, for more information call 0141 357 3946.