Volunteers’ Week 2020.

It’s Volunteers’ Week 2020 – an opportunity for us to say thanks to all of our volunteers who help us deliver the services we offer.

From befriending on the support side of things to helpers at fundraising events and our education session facilitators (hi Liz!), like most other charities, our volunteers are a crucial cog in our operation. We simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your help. 

We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to help out in the future. Volunteering at the Trust can mean a one-off event helping at a fundraising stand (our Fundraising Manager works tirelessly seeking out opportunities to raise awareness and vital funds all around Scotland), or a more specialised role such as befriending or Safe Sleep education.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us at contact@scottishcotdeathtrust.org or through our social media channels.

We have collected a small list of quotes from those who have volunteered with us in the past. Each have had their own reasons for volunteering at SCDT, and we are hugely grateful for the time they have dedicated to us.

“It’s something people always want to do, but with the best intentions maybe never get to it. The bucket collection  at Central Station gave me an easy opportunity to help out. I don’t have a connection to the charity as such, but a SCDT post popped up on my social media – I work in Glasgow and commute through the station so by getting an earlier train I could help through the morning rush hour before walking to work – so why not?

It wasn’t much but I was keen to help out – lots of people doing a little bit can go a long way.” – Alan.


 “I volunteer because I want to say I did what I could,when I could, before I am unable to and need the help myself. It’s always a pleasure and an education working with different charities.” – Val.


For years, I kept my nightmare to myself. To share would have been to face it. Last autumn, my daughter and I decided to attend the Scottish Cot Death Trusts Afternoon Tea in Aberdeen.

Amy was unable to attend during to horrendous pregnancy sickness and I wavered. Someone local who was supposed to be taking collection buckets to the event couldn’t attend and I said I would take them. That meant I couldn’t hide away! That was the best thing I ever did. There was a room of women, united by one nightmare, having a wonderful time. Yes, some sadness. Yes, some ‘what ifs’. However, the overall atmosphere was, believe it or not, fun. That was a huge turning point for me and I committed to helping wherever, and however I could. 

Amy and I collected at a football match just after Christmas. Not only did we raise a lovely amount of money, we met people who have also experienced loss due. I felt I helped.

SCDT do so much in both supporting those who have experienced this and in educating future generations. Generations of not only parents and families, but also professionals. Invaluable work. It is a wonderfully healing journey to help. It keeps Scott close. I do whatever I do in his memory.” – Donna.


“I volunteer for the trust because I know how precious their support is. I want to help every family receive that support and by taking part in fundraisers such as bucket collections, I feel like I achieve that.”Dawn. 


“I first had contact with this amazing charity after I lost my daughter Winnie in 2018, I then realised they were the only charity in Scotland offering support to families who had been affected by Cot Death(SUDI).

After my first time volunteering with other families and Marlene, I found some sort of comfort, knowing that it wasn’t just us feeling the way that we did.

There is always someone to talk to if I ever need a chat, I know they are only a message away! Being in contact with the charity has made a really hard situation a little bit easier. Huge thank you to everyone” – Abbi.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us at contact@scottishcotdeathtrust.org or through our social media channels.