The First Day

Thank you to everyone who got involved in our summer campaign fortnight!

It was wonderful to reach so many people with our poignant story reminding people that Scottish Cot Death Trust supports families for as long as they need us – no matter how many years this is.

For many bereaved parents and grandparents, key milestones can be a particularly hard time. One such milestone is the first day of primary school.

Our video, created by Production Attic features footage of an empty classroom. This is important as it reminds us of the number of children who don’t get their first day at school because of cot death. In Scotland, there is an empty classroom every year, which should be filled with beautiful, excited children. Until that classroom is filled, we have work to do, and we won’t stop. There have been too many empty classrooms!

If you didn’t catch the video through our social media channels, have a look now.

We were supported by the staff of Carleith primary school in Clydebank, who generously allowed us to film in school once the school holidays began, and to our wonderful volunteer feet – the children you see in the playground who came along to help – they had great fun!

A big thank you to our ambassador and long-term supporter, Lisa Nicol, who gave her time to play the role of the teacher and narrate the video.

Finally, but most importantly, we want to thank the families who got involved and shared their stories of how they felt on what should have been their precious child’s first day of school. As always, families are so courageous to share these emotions. They do help us educate people on what reality is like for those who have experienced the sudden death of a baby or young child and how their lives are impacted for all the milestones they do not have.