SUDI simulation training

When a baby or young child is found not breathing and they are taken to hospital, the paramedics, emergency department doctors and nurses and the first responding police officers might be experiencing this traumatic event for the first time in their career.


SUDI simulation training is an immersive learning experience for first responders and A&E staff. SUDI is uncommon and many staff experience it for the first time, struggling afterwards with their own mental health – some even leaving their profession. Care is never optimal when professionals feel overwhelmed and worried about their own practice, which often leads them to be very task focussed.

This training programme in partnership with NHS Ayrshire and Arran and the Clinical Skills Managed Education Network provides a high-fidelity simulated experience in a safe learning environment. This leads to better communication between professionals and ultimately better bereavement care for families.

It is not easy training, but professionals do appreciate the opportunity to take part in this and find it beneficial. Here are what some participants thought of their training day.

“EXCELLENT multi professional simulation teaching today about Sudden Death in Infancy, SO important for us to work together to care for our smallest patients & their families. Thank you” Emergency Medicine Consultant

“Fabulous multi agency training event! Lots of learning and interesting to see other agencies priorities and views. Thanks for organising and facilitating!” Paediatric nurse

“Excellent structured, supportive/ protected learning. Very supportive and experienced faculty. Thank you.” Consultant paramedic, Scottish Ambulance Service

If you would like to chat to us and find out more or are interested in booking a session for your team, we’d love to hear from you. SUDI simulation training is free of charge.