Samantha & Johns’ Kiltwalk Story

Samantha & John lost their baby boy Calvin when he was only 23 days old. They turned to us for support, particularly for their 5 year old daughter Sophia, who was struggling with the loss of her baby brother.

Samantha said, “After spending only a few hours speaking to the Scottish Cot Death Trust on the phone, I came away feeling like I could get through this and help my family as well. Knowing the Trust is always there for support helps us that little bit more. They sent us some books and wee things to help Sophia understand a little more about what has happened as well, which was a lovely idea.

We chose to take part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk Wee Wander to raise funds in the hope that maybe one day families like ours will be able to have some answers about what happened to their child. We wanted to do something to help them, just like they have helped us in our darkest time.

We had a great time at the Kiltwalk and Sophia did so well, managing to walk the whole way.”

Samantha, John and Sophia have raised an amazing £505 so far, which will be topped up to £707 by The Hunter Foundation!




If you would like to sign up to a Kiltwalk event and raise funds to support our work, there are 3 more to choose from this year in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh. Visit the Kiltwalk Website or call us on 0141 357 3946 for more information.