Returning To Work

Returning to Work

Returning to work after any bereavement can be very tough thing to do. We have resources available designed to help you (and your employer) through this difficult situation. This can be a time when parents seek professional counselling for the first time after their baby died.

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Returning to Work – Employee

Returning to work – information for employers

Returning to work – rights and benefits for employees

Rights and benefits for employees

What are you entitled to?

Whether you have a right to time off work or financial benefits depends on many things, including whether you or your partner are on parental leave, whether you are employed, and your earnings before the baby’s birth.

Financial benefits

It may seem strange and perhaps upsetting to think about claiming benefits when your baby has died. However, many bereaved families find themselves facing unexpected financial strain. So it is important to find out about all the benefits to which you may be entitled.

Maternity and paternity benefits can be complicated. They are administered by several government agencies and, in some cases, by employers. You may find the following information useful:

Citizens Advice Scotland

Time off

Check your local Citizens Advice Scotland office to discuss your rights at work.

Parents who have begun or have arranged their maternity/ paternity/ shared parental leave at the time their baby dies, will be able to continue with this leave.

Maternity Leave

Paternity Leave

Shared Parental Leave

Benefits after a child has died

Help with funeral costs

Other information:

Money Advice Service