Our work in Colleges with Childcare students


The Education team at the Scottish Cot Death Trust are continuously travelling around Scotland delivering Safe Sleep information sessions to NHS staff, childcare professionals, parents, and students.

Having regularly worked with healthcare students at universities,  the charity hadn’t explored the possibility of delivering workshops in Further Education until last year. At colleges, qualifications such as Childhood Practice are in high demand with the Scottish Government’s pledge to increase free childcare provision by 2020- this could provide up to 11,000 new jobs in the sector. This new workforce could no doubt benefit from a increased awareness and understanding of Safe Sleep education, especially as the next destination for many after college would be childcare settings. By offering free education to those studying childcare at college (or with training providers) we can amplify the reach of our messages and resources in an expanding workforce.

Last academic year, we delivered  15 sessions across seven colleges up and down the country – That was 300 childcare students and lecturers who all gained awareness and knowledge of Safe Sleep. We would like to double the number of colleges we visit this year with the longer-term aspiration for us to deliver safe sleep education to every childcare student in Scotland before they move on to work.

A typical education session is around 90 mins where we will discuss the core aims of our charity and what SUDI is ( still sometimes referred to as Cot Death). The main learning objective of the session is to increase awareness and understanding of how the risk factors of SUDI can be reduced both at home and in a childcare setting. Some of the safe sleep messages are well-known such as ‘Back to Sleep’ and ‘no smoking’, but by getting back to the basics of how baby’s breathe and how that could be impeded can be a useful way highlight risk factors. This is done most effectively through group activities and discussion. The design and delivery of sessions can be flexible to meet the needs of specific learners and learning environments – even a short 30min session could provide some life-saving information.

If you think a Safe Sleep workshop would be beneficial for students (or staff) at your college, please Book an Education Session and our Education Coordinator will get back in touch.

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