Our Passion for Prevention

If we can save just one baby’s life…..

That is what drives us here at Scottish Cot Death Trust.  By reaching as many people as possible with safe sleep messages, we can make a difference.

The pandemic has not stopped us from continuing to reach as many people as we can through delivery of online safe sleep sessions. We have even had a few education sessions face to face recently. It is brilliant to speak to people in the same room!

All of our education sessions are free of charge, and we try to book groups in as quickly as we can, so you don’t have to wait too long to hear all about our current global evidence-based advice on how to keep babies safe when they are sleeping. Knowing all the facts helps everyone to reduce the risk of SUDI.

We can cater for any group size, so if your group has 6 or 60, it is no problem. We can tailor the session times to suit you but ideally, we like a minimum of 90 minutes to give you as much information and share some video resources during the session.

Most groups request our resources afterwards so that they can share messages even further.  We aim to send resources out to you in the week following your session. These resources are free of charge too!



It’s a win win! We get to speak about a topic we are passionate about and share important and interesting information with people who love to learn.

Already in 2021, we have reached 123 professional groups!

September is shaping up to be a very busy month for us too.

If you would like to book a session for your staff or community group, please complete a booking form


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