Our child was over 1 year old

Our child was over 1 year old

The majority of babies/children who die of cot death are under 1 year old, and most likely to be under 6 months old. However, a small number of older children will die suddenly and unexpectedly too – less than 10 children each year, in Scotland.

When a child over 12 months dies suddenly and unexpectedly the death may be referred to as Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI), but more often the term SUDiC (Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood) will be used.

For many parents, getting their child safely through their first year heralds a sign that “all is well” and they often heave a sigh of relief that cot death is one less thing to worry about. As with all sudden and unexpected infant deaths, the shock is immense when it happens.

The way in which the sudden unexpected death of a toddler or pre-school age child is investigated is the same as when a young baby dies.

If your child was over one year old when they died suddenly and unexpectedly, we are here to help you and your family too. We will help and support you in any way we can and ensure that you can link with other families whose older child died. Although you may think from the charity name that we are only here for families when a very young baby dies, we in fact support families across Scotland when a toddler or young child has died. There are fewer families whose school aged child died and in this situation it is even more important that you can link with others who have a similar experience.  Find out more about our support services.

Further information and support is also available from SUDC UK