Next Infant Support – Enquiry

Next Infant Support – Enquiry

If you are pregnant and either you or your partner have a family history of cot death, the Scottish Cot Death Trust may be able to offer you some extra help and support.

The support available includes

  • Contact with a support worker during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby
  • The loan of an Apnoea (breathing) monitor for your new baby
  • Resuscitation training for you and your family in your own home
  • A room thermometer
  • Contact with other parents in a similar situation
  • Counselling

If either you or your partner have previously lost a child; a brother or sister to cot death, then you may be eligible to access our Next Infant Support.

To apply for the service, you need to complete the form fully and submit it to us before you are 28 weeks pregnant – If you are over 28 weeks pregnant, please contact us.

We will need to ask your midwife to verify that you are pregnant and that you have a family history of cot death. We will then pass your details onto our support worker who will be in touch. Please tick the box towards the bottom of the form to give us your permission to do this.

The form should only be completed by the expectant mother. If you need help to complete the form please contact us. When completing the form it will be helpful to have your handheld maternity notes handy as well as your GP and Health Visitor details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0141 357 3946 if you are unsure about any aspect of this.

Thank you

Your name and contact details

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you will find this on your handheld maternity notes
you will find this on your handheld maternity notes

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Thank you for completing this form.

Once we receive your form we will be in contact with you to discuss your request. If you wish to let us know about anything else which hasn’t been covered within the form, please use the space here.

We may also contact you via post and you can change this at any time. You are in control of how we contact you, so if you would like to change how often we do or what we tell you about, please contact us. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy

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