Next Infant Support Programme

Our Next Infant Support Programme is available to any new mum or dad who has previously lost a child or a sibling due to a sudden unexpected death in infancy or childhood. No matter how long it has been since you experienced your loss, we are here for you. Alongside Dr Mary Ross-Davie (Director in Scotland for the Royal College of Midwives) we have created a promotional video which healthcare professionals can watch and share, so we can reach as many parents as possible who could benefit from our support.


What is involved in the programme?

The Next Infant Support Programme is provided free of charge by the Scottish Cot Death Trust. Once we receive a request to enrol, we will arrange for a dedicated support worker to get in touch and they will be available to provide support during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. We can offer free counselling as part of the programme and there is also the option for us to connect parents with others who have had a similar experience for peer support.

We will provide an Apnoea (breathing) Monitor on loan and a room thermometer. The Apnoea monitors are used to detect the baby’s breathing and will sound an alarm if the baby stops breathing. The monitor produces an audible “click” every time the baby breathes and parents often tell us that it is hearing the “click” that gives them the peace of mind they need to enable them to go to sleep at night. The thermometer also acts as a useful tool to check that the baby’s temperature stays around 18°C, and ensure that they are not overheating due to blankets or a hot sleeping environment.

As well as this equipment, we will arrange for parents and other key family members to have resuscitation training between 32 – 36 weeks of pregnancy. Usually we would provide resuscitation training at home, but due to COVID restrictions our support workers are currently providing this via video calls. This training can be difficult but helps prepare parents for some of the more common emergency situations and can be provided before or after baby is born.

How do I register for the NISP?

There are two ways to enrol in the Next Infant Support Programme;

1. During the “booking-in” appointment at the ante-natal clinic, parents should discuss their family history of cot death. Then simply complete the NISP registration form on our website. The Scottish Cot Death Trust will need your permission in order to contact your Midwife and/or GP to confirm that you are pregnant and to verify your family history of SUDI. Your Midwife will need to confirm with us that you are pregnant and to verify your family history of cot death. We need you to register at least by the 28th week of your pregnancy. The sooner you return the form to us, the quicker you can have access to specialist support throughout your pregnancy.

2. Alternatively your Midwife may also have a paper “Next Infant Support Programme” referral form. We still accept this via post or by email to

If you would like to chat with our team about the Next Infant Support Programme, whether you are a parent or healthcare professional, please get in touch on 0141 357 3946 or via our website at By sharing our video on your social media channels you are helping us to raise awareness and reach more families in need of support, thank you. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.