Welcome to Safe Sleep Scotland.

We hope you like our new website. There are a few small changes to the site but generally it is just a refresh of everything that was on our older one.  However, if you click through to the Education sections you will notice perhaps the most significant change.

SAFESLEEPSCOTLAND is a new online learning hub and the education arm of The Scottish Cot Death Trust. The main aim of the site is to provide accessible and engaging information about Infant Safe Sleep and how we can help reduce the risks of SUDI.

Our vision is for the site become a useful, go-to guide for parents-to-be and families. We also hope professionals, such as those in the healthcare and childcare sectors find the site a handy resource when working with expectant families and infants.

To help launch this new resource, we are delighted to present “A Baby’s Guide to Safe Sleep”, a poem detailing ways we can help reduce the risks of SUDI by practicing Safe Sleep.

Our messages relate to the current evidence base. Safe Sleep Scotland has no agenda to drive any particular message or messages. Our aim is to reduce the number of SUDIs occurring and our mission to prevent all SUDI. We aim to report statistical findings and inform people visiting the site so that they can make their own informed choices.


We have designed Safe Sleep Scotland to be effective as either a quick glance reference point or a more thorough e-learning tool. No matter how you use the site, we hope find it useful.

Click here to access Safe Sleep Scotland, alternatively, just click through the Education buttons on our site.