New ways to Fundraise for FREE!

lets-get-fundraisingAs a charity, we rely on the generosity of our fundraisers and supporters. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. We are always trying to come up with easy, fun, and interesting ways for people to take part in our fundraising efforts.

The following post provides an update on our partnerships with organisations that make it easier (and free!) to fundraise and donate.


We have signed up to Charitable Bookings – the FREE lifestyle app and website that includes fantastic benefits and gives back to your favourite charity at absolutely no cost to you.

We will receive a £1 donation if you simply download this App and choose us as your favourite charity!

There are many ways you can support us using Charitable Bookings – the App includes recipes, a lifestyle magazine, and the opportunity to donate more to your charity for free!

If you are making a restaurant reservation, if you book it through Charitable Bookings, your chosen charity will received £1 per person. Please visit Charitable Bookings or your App Store to find out more.

What does this mean? If 100 of our supporters downloaded this app and got 1 other person to do it too, we could buy several apnoea monitors that would benefit families on our Next Infant Support Programme.





We are also signed up to Easy Fundraising, Give as You Live, and The Giving Machine. These sites give you the opportunity to raise money for your favourite charities whilst you shop online. Basically, if you start your shopping journey on these sites (or Apps) the retailers give a financial reward for directing you. That money is then transferred to your chosen charity for free. This shopping ‘cashback’ idea is getting simpler with specific Apps and browser alerts.

Retailers offer different deals such is a percentage of your spend or just a flat donation when you buy. You can fundraise by buying everyday products, a weekly shop, or even more significant purchases such as insurance, mobile/TV deals and holidays.

What does this mean? You could donate up to £3.00 every time you do your monthly supermarket shop online.

If one of our supporters booked their summer holiday via one of these sites, and let’s say they also changed their TV/broadband provider – that could equate to about £100. For nothing. That could significantly contribute to providing counselling or play therapy for a family who really need it.


If you download the EasyFundraising browser alert, it appears top right of your screen.

If you then visit a retailer who is signed up, it will alert you.

This means your favourite charity will receive a donation.

This can range from 0.5% of your purchase to larger flat fees – all at no extra expense to you!

(These sites all do a similar thing, but can have different offers and deals. So, have a look and use the one that suits you best).

Give As You Live
Giving Machine