Mental Health Awareness Week

Our counselling services are FREE for parents, grandparents and other adult family members bereaved by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or young child in the family.  One mum shared with us how much our bereavement counselling has helped her cope with her grief and move forward in her life in a positive way.

“Today was my last session with my bereavement counsellor through Scottish Cot Death Trust and I just wanted to contact you to convey my absolute gratitude.
I can’t begin to express how beneficial my counselling sessions have been and how far I have come with her help.

When I was first in touch with Scottish Cot Death Trust I was struggling so badly and the warmth and understanding that you and the community support worker from the charity showed me was something I really appreciated.  I was so grateful when you set up the counselling sessions with no hassle or waiting list and it was probably the first glimmer of hope I’d experienced since my baby girl died that maybe somebody could help me.  What the counsellor has done is helped me to help myself which is such a wonderful gift.  A lot of weight has been lifted from me and there are changes in me that I couldn’t have imagined.  If I had never had my counselling, I dread to think how things would have panned out for me.  I really believe it’s thanks to her, you, and of course, me that I’m still here and I have my beautiful rainbow baby daughter now. counselling

My grief journey continues, as it always will, but the therapy I’ve received from the counsellor and the effort I put in pays off every day.  Thank you so much for enabling this and for all the support you’ve given me.”