Keoni – 11 months

We have been devastated by the loss of our perfect little boy Keoni aged just 11 months in September 2007. He was perfect in every way, big blue eyes, blonde spiked hair and the biggest smile you could imagine.

The loss, the pain, the emotions are indescribable and I can honestly say that 1 year on the feelings are just the same but perhaps the sudden shock felt at the time has worn down, which in some way allows daily routine to continue.

At the time, thinking a year on was not possible. A day at a time, supported by family and friends was the only option. The first birthday, Christmas, even the first trip in the car without him, or kissing the other kids goodnight is indescribably painful. How did we do it? I can’t say, yet some how our other 2 children, followed by the birth of our newest arrival, has kept us going.

Yet how would we face the 1st anniversary? We decided to do something positive. We have been tremendously supported by family and friends. Continuously, we have spoken about Keoni, so people seem to understand that even though he is now “sleeping with the angels” he is and always will be our 3rd child. So what could we do to celebrate his life, at the same time to try and raise funds for this Trust?

That was when we came up with the idea for “Keoni’s day”. We hired our village hall, booked a bouncy castle, and a local magician donated his time to put on a show. We wrote to local companies who very generously donated some fabulous raffle prizes. We asked everyone to bring a “plate of something” which provided a delicious buffet. We also held a balloon race with each balloon having a ticket attached, to let the finder know it had been released in memory of our special boy. This was also symbolic to us, as we had released balloons at the church on the day of Keoni’s funeral.

The day was a huge success raising £929.44 for the Scottish Cot Death Trust. To organise this event, helped us to remember who Keoni was; how much he is loved and to try and focus on these positives rather than everything we had lost when he died.

To see everyone enjoying “Keoni’s day” confirmed that whilst Keoni is no longer here, his memory lives on firmly in the hearts of everyone who new and loved him.

Baby Keoni Anderson “forever in our hearts”