Isn’t collaboration wonderful?

We are proud to be partnering with Mini First Aid. Kate and Matt Ball, founders of Mini First Aid, faced the dragons in Dragon’s Den recently. They won the backing of dragon, Sara Davies.

It is testament to their hard work and the successful business they have established. We are delighted that they are supporting Scottish Cot Death Trust on something as important as protecting a baby’s airways when they are asleep and providing vital first aid training for our families.

pocket sized leaflet with a small tube attached behind held by a hand

Kate first heard about our free safe sleep education sessions when a Mini First Aid franchisee attended. We got chatting to Kate and she loved  our evidence-based, straight talking, simple approach to informing the professionals who support families with babies. Kate also understood how our style would appeal to new  parents. Mini First Aiders are providing families with our new Back to Basics. Back to Baby resource.




We then got chatting more about how Mini First Aid expertise could help us deliver first class first aid training to families we support through our Next Infant Support Programme.

The training is delivered in a sensitive, person-centred way for an individual family for up to six people. This allows parents, grandparents and close family friends to all take part. This means anyone babysitting knows they too will have the knowledge of what to do in a variety of first aid situations.

The session empowers expectant parents, gives them reassurance and increased confidence when new baby arrives. The trainers understand the anxiety many parents have after experiencing the trauma of the sudden and unexpected death of their baby or young child.

We are looking forward to growing our relationship with Mini First Aid and working with many more franchisees across Scotland.