In Memory

CandleFuneral Collections

By asking friends and family to make a donation instead of sending flowers to a funeral, they’ll be honouring the memory of your little one in meaningful and special way.

You can arrange the collection yourself but if you’d like to ask a funeral director to help you collect donations, they are usually happy to do so.  You can give them our contact details and we’ll be happy to assist them if they need any help from us.



Create a Tribute page

Visufund is an online visual fundraising platform that allows you to create a page for people to contribute to by leaving a personal message and making a donation.

  1. Choose a template: Visit the Visufund website by clicking here (Using this link means that Scottish Cot Death Trust will be automatically selected as your charity)
  2. Give your page a title and personalise any other settings you’d like, eg. upload a photo of  your little one or write a personal thank you message.
  3. Publish and share your page.