Encouraging Safe Sleep News from the USA

The Scottish Cot Death Trust have been reassured by recent news in the USA, surrounding Safe Sleep guidance and legislation.

In May, The Safe Sleep for Babies Act was passed, outlawing the manufacture and sale of crib bumpers and certain inclined infant sleepers. Read more on the legislation here.

We have also been encouraged by a recent policy and report, completely aligning our Safe Sleep guidelines with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) & USA.

Rachel Moon, the Lead Author of “Sleep-Related Infant Deaths: Updated 2022 Recommendations for Reducing Infant Deaths in the Sleep Environment” and the Chair of the AAP’s Task force on SIDS, shared her reaction to the report.

“The 2022 updated AAP guidance was written after thorough review of all current evidence around keeping babies safe while they sleep and is intended to inform professionals and the public on the information they need and ways they can practically ensure that babies are as safe as possible during every sleep time.”

“The clear recommendations assist parents and caregivers to make informed choices on a baby’s sleep environment, highlighting all known risks. We believe that consistent clear messaging will prevent tragic infant sleep related accidents and reduce incidence of SIDS in the US and may also help other countries updating infant safe sleep information.”

The Scottish Cot Death Trust fully support both these announcements, knowing that they will save the lives of many more babies.