Education and Awareness at the Scottish Cot Death Trust

easy-read-guide-front-and-backAt the Scottish Cot Death Trust we have three core aims:

  • To support families affected by the sudden and unexpected death of an infant
  • To fund research into finding the causes of cot death and how it can be prevented
  • To increase awareness and education around the subject of cot death and how we can reduce the risks of it occurring.


As part of our education remit we deliver information sessions that expand on our key ‘safe sleep’ and ‘reduce the risk’ messages. Our audiences include parents, midwives and health visitors, early years and childcare staff, and health and childcare students. Our staff and dedicated volunteers offer sessions face-to-face or via webinar or video conferencing. We also have a portfolio of education resources (and we are working on some more, too), that can be shared.

safe-sleep-web2The purpose of our education work is not to dictate what we should and shouldn’t do, but to inform and explain key findings from a strong evidence-base. A typical session will explore what a cot death (or SUDI) is and what processes and agencies are involved if this tragic event occurs. We identify a list of factors that can increase the risk of a cot death occurring and what we can do to reduce these risks. The sessions often create a space were discussion can be facilitated, which can be helpful for participants.

Overall, our education work is about raising awareness and providing a platform for learning. If you think our sessions would be beneficial at your workplace or community group, please get in touch.