Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2019

The importance of available support for those affected by a sudden and unexpected death of a child cannot be understated. When providing support, we try to offer help specific to the individual whether that be parent, a grandparent, a professional, or even when those needing support are children themselves. This week we, like many others, are raising awareness for Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2019.

Children’s Grief Awareness Week, was founded by childhood bereavement charity, Grief Encounter. It is designed to raise awareness of bereaved children and young people in the UK, and how providing those affected with free, professional support can make the world of difference to their future. Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2019 is it’s fifth year and provides a chance to come together to show support for bereaved children across the UK.

As some will know, as part of our support services we offer specific assistance for children affected by a SUDI. This support can include  access to our support books Rory’s Star & Andrew’s Rainbow.


Rory’s Star was written for children whose sibling has died. Andrew’s Rainbow was written for children 421 SCDT Andrew's Rainbow Cover R1.inddwho were born after their sibling died – both books explore important themes such as grief and loss in each of these situations in an accessible way, with the hope that children and families can use the stories as a starting point when faced with these issues.

You can buy Rory’s Star and Andrew’s Rainbow by clicking here

For more information on the support services offered by the charity, click here, or call us on 0141 357 3946, or email