Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness week runs from the 9th – 15th October. This is a time for us all to unite to support those whose baby has died.💗💙

We also support families whose toddler or young child has died suddenly and unexpectedly. We want you to know we are thinking of you too during this week – grief is not defined by terminology or the age of your beautiful child when they died.

1 healthy baby or young child dies suddenly and unexpectedly every 9 days in Scotland. Until this number is zero we have work to do.

During Baby Loss Awareness Week we are asking everyone to raise awareness of what can be done to prevent families in the future from living with the heartbreak of having their child die suddenly and unexpectedly.

If someone you care about suffers the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child you can have a sense of bewilderment about what you can do to help them. It is important to remember that your support and love will be of comfort to them, even if they don’t appear to respond to your attention.

You should also remember that everyone will react differently to grief, so there are no “rules” about what you should or shouldn’t do. The one thing you shouldn’t do is try and avoid them, just because you are unsure of what to say or do, as this only adds to the pain and isolation felt by parents. The best thing you can do is ask them what they want.

The awareness week will finish at 7pm on the 15th October when we invite everyone to light a candle and leave it burning for one hour to share in a global wave of light. There’s still time to help us light up our virtual lake for all the babies who have been lost too soon. Simply select a candle, and make a small donation in memory of a little one. You can upload a photo if you wish too, just visit

For all our families – we remember you and are sending you love. 💗

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