2019 / 2020 our impact

The Scottish Cot Death Trust supports families across the whole of Scotland when they have been tragically affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or young child.  We support bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents with person-centred compassionate care. SUDI devastates families and we make sure no one must navigate their new life without their child on their own. Sometimes the professionals involved when a baby or young child dies suddenly will need our support too.

We strive to deliver the best education on how to reduce the risk of SUDI through evidence based safe sleep education. Families who are living without their child want to ensure others do not face the same pain they live with. Every life saved is a family and their wider community spared from heartache.  As we look at our year in numbers and figures, of course we know that the reality is these are not numbers, they represent precious lives, whether that is the money raised in memory of a beautiful child or an education session delivered in the hope of saving just one life.

Every 9 days a baby or young child dies suddenly and unexpectedly in Scotland


49,863  livebirths during 2019     



50 babies and young children died suddenly and unexpectedly during 2019                                                                                                                              


Our finances 2019 / 2020

Because of the amazing generosity of all our fabulous supporters, our total income was  £237, 321 during 2019 /2020 financial year.

Our total expenditure during the year was £238,233.

85p in every £1 raised was spent on charitable activities.

85 % of our income goes directly into helping bereaved families, preventing more babies from dying and in funding vital research into the unknown causes of some infant deaths.



Here is how the money you raised was spent



289 individuals supported with 1,664 hours of contact  with an outreach support worker. 27% increase since 2018


256 counselling and play therapy referrals with an increased pool of 101 counsellors and play therapists  


96 sibling support books provided 



112 people supported through NISP with 50 new apnoea monitors purchased


         4 building resilience workshops piloted





181 education and awareness events provided 8, 263 people with safe sleep training  43% increase from 2018


   23 NHS safe sleep sessions




93 Nursery safe sleep session and 3 partnerships with early years training providers




40 education sessions in colleges reaching over 1,000 students




41,822 views of A Baby’s Guide to Safe Sleep video



99,898 people reached







6,667 education hub website visits

10,115 charity website visits


The rate of infants and young children who die suddenly and unexpectedly in Scotland is unacceptably high. We strive to reduce this year on year. The bereaved families we support need our help for as long as it will help them – grief has no time limit. Scientists and researchers across the world need our funding to continue to study the tragedy of SUDI to help find answers.

We need to take urgent action if we are to make a difference in each of these areas and we could not do any of it without you.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us deliver our charitable aims!